Creative Services

Original Content and Terms of Service


Creative Professional

(i.e. Vendor/Contractor/Photographer etc)



Agreement between "Creative Professional" & "Client(s)":

Project Timing
All suggested milestone dates and time frames should be recognized as
targets & subject to change based on schedule availability of participants
and timely review and approval of deliverables.

Client Responsibilities
Client is responsible for performing the following: (a) coordination of any
decision-making with parties other than the Creative Professional (b) submittal of
Client content in a form suitable for reproduction or incorporation into
deliverables (c) final proofreading and, in the event that Client has
approved deliverables, but errors...such as by way of example, but not
limitation, typographic errors, omissions, or misspellings...remain in the
finished product, Client shall make sure to communicate with
Creative Professional before receiving final revision so as to avoid as many errors
as possible.


All deliverables/media in galleries are © 2020 John Thomas Media (Photographer) and can be used for non-commercial purposes. You agree that John Stuart Thomas remains the owner as the original creator and your payment transaction entitles you a non-commercial license -- you will then be able to use the media without a watermark for any types of personal, non-commercial use including sharing or for training purposes.


By viewing and using any media created by Photographer, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and any other terms that may have been listed individually or otherwise.

License & Use
All final edits/assemblies and/or services created under this Agreement are provided to
Client from camera specific files edited and exported to digital files to download and
use for personal use. Client acknowledges Videographer’s work as original creator.

• Photographer grants to Client ownership as an unlimited usage license for personal
use only (noncommercial use) to final deliverables created under this Agreement.

• Client grants to Videographer intellectual property ownership as original creator to
reproduce/distribute edits/deliverables created under this Agreement to Client and
for Videographer promotions or communications as necessary.
Description of Services and Deliverables

Final Deliverables included .mp4/.mpeg or QuickTime files:
• edited video of uncut ceremony from captured footage recorded
• edited video with event highlights from captured footage during ceremony and

Rights and Ownership
Upon completion of services, and subject to full payment of all expenses
due, Creative Professional hereby assigns to Client a right to all final deliverables/art for any kind of non-commercial (personal) use . 


Client guarantees that all materials supplied to Creative Professional are owned by Client or that Client has all necessary rights in such materials to permit Creative Professional to use them for the project.

Creative Professional retains the right as original creator to reproduce, publish, and display
Client's deliverables in portfolios, galleries, and other
communications media for the purpose of promotions & professional advancement (i.e. for other prospective Clients to view in considering creative services).

Permissions — Location & Participant Agreement
Client and any Property Owner(s), Individuals, Orgs., etc associated with Client,
acknowledge and agrees that Photographer has access to and from the event location
and may record/photograph both visual and with sound any participant, employee,
agent, and/or person associated with Client on event location to fulfill the intended
services for Client and that no other permissions are required for Videographer to
obtain in order to capture photos or film, on any location/premise associated with
event, for Client and for promotional activities associated with Videographer.

Other terms and conditions may apply according to any/all client and creative professional agreements created individually.