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hi i'm john, your personal photographer


I've been raised in Virginia and always enjoyed spending time hiking and backpacking iconic landmarks in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains growing up.  From the first moment I was given a camera, I remember being excited to learn how it worked and to see what I was able to capture through it.  In many ways, that led to my current portfolio and continued interest within photography and storytelling.


I enjoy working with other people to create meaningful experiences, share my creative perspective, document what's happening around me, and create work that is visually appealing & truthfully portrayed.  As a photographer, my vision is about being present in a moment in order to capture what's happening in front of my lens as well as well as being present to develop a genuine connection with the person or subject that will be in front of my lens. 

I'm based in Virginia and available to travel as your photographer. 


You can think of me like a personal journalist who will be present to listen and observe the moments happening around us in order to record what's happening and create imagery that can be looked back on.

If I can serve you, give me a call or reach out so we can create timeless imagery together that authentically document what's happening.


  • Individuals

  • Groups, staff, and teams 

  • All Occasions

Portrait sessions

  • Professional/Small Business

  • Personal branding

  • Branding

  • Graduation 

  • Family

  • Your Lifestyle

Family Portraits

  • Backyard BBQ 

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas 

  • Family/Reunions

  • Various Occasions 

Couple Portraits

  • Engagement Sessions

  • Secret Proposals 

  • Weddings 

  • Anniversaries

  • Couples


Event Photography

  • Workshops/events 

  • Presentations/lectures

  • Family events 

  • Professional/small business 

  • Promotional 

  • All events 

Weddings & Special Celebration Events

  • Photography session primarily includes photo coverage during all stages of your celebration with one photographer.  Call if you'd like additional coverage, different type of service, and to share your creative vision etc. 

Inquires are always free with no obligation.  Actual pricing determined per project on invoice sent to you, based on photographer's time spent, scope of project, type of coverage, imagery, services requested, etc.  Pricing on invoice may also include travel costs, photographer expenses, taxes, and fees.  No commitment required until invoice is accepted with first payment.


get in touch

If I can serve you as a photographer for a life occasion/lifestyle or professional/commercial need , give me a call and send me your details to
If you're sending an message here or email, please include a time when you're available for me to give you a call:
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