hi, It's a pleasure to meet you

Born in San Diego, I've grown up in Virginia, where my family has led in church leadership. I've always enjoyed exploring new places and the process of creating.




I enjoy working with other people to create meaningful experiences, continue developing my skills to capture emotions and stories with a camera, and design/create work that is visually appealing + truthfully portrayed.


I'm currently open to work while working in the customer service industry as a personal shopper and in freelance photography & web/graphic design services for local clients. I also volunteer on Sundays with our "live-stream team"


I earned my Eagle Scout in 2014, the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouts of America for service & leadership which was presented to about 4% of Scouts earned in 2014.  Toward that end, I continue to believe in that philosophy of being prepared and aiming to do a good turn daily. Through Scouting, I've been involved in various leadership roles, instructed outdoor programs (including archery as a USA Level 1 Archery instructor), and provided customer service duties  for young adults and adult during the summers of 2013-2017.

As a graduate from Regent University with a bachelors (B.A.) degree in communications, I had the opportunity to study in a small school environment.  Through my coursework, I also had the opportunity to learn & work with several award-winning student film productions. I was involved in several organizations on campus holding various executive student leadership roles including a few of the following:  Regent University Student Alumni Ambassadors, Photography Club , and CinemaScope (film club). I also contributed articles to Regent's student media, The Daily Runner and photography for Regent University and Regent Student Services.